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Sieg Zeon!!

I love Garma Zabi
      rose Exchange by radio with char rose

"Yo, what's up, Red Comet ?"
"I think I'll have to give up the name, Captain Garma."
"It's unusual to see you lose your courage."
"You've heard about Operation V ? I've found out what it is."
"What ?"
"Because of it, I lost six Zakus."
"That's terrible. Is it that strong ?"

  rose Inside of an attack aircraft carrier Gowrose

"Perhaps Char is right. It seems that it totally outclasses other       Federation ships."
"There's the Musai capsule."
"Recover it."

"Hey Char, it isn't like you to have trouble with just
one Federation ship."

"Don't talk like that, Garma. Or should I call you ``Earth Commander'',  Captain Garma ?"
No, as a friend
"Call me Garma just like in the officer's     academy."
"That's the Wooden Horse."
"Yeah, even the Red Comet couldn't score
against it."
" Are you saying that that doesn't bother you ?
not a matter to bother you ?"
"No, as a friend, I'm just happy to pick you up, Char."
"Don't forget that the ``Wooden Horse'' performed re-entry
by itself."
"Yes, given those facts, I've been ordered to
analyze its combat potential."
"You've been on duty since the guerilla mop-up operation, right ?
Get some rest."
"Don't laughI'll accept your offer. And I guarantee that
this will be worth the Zeon Cross."   
"Thank you. This could make me a real man. Are you trying help me save face with my sister ?"
"Don't laugh, my men are staring at us."

           Air battle with Gandam
"Seven down !  He squadron leader ?"        
"That monster ! Go down ! GO DOWN !!"

    To char which is using the shower

"Char... "                            
"Garma ?"
"You saved my life. I appreciate that."
"No problem at all. So, how are you going to handle
the ``Wooden Horse'' ?"
"Another mission is already in progress."
"I'll support you. It'll be my pleasure to help you."
"You'll really be helpful.          You're coming tonight,aren't you ?
You're worth hundreds of soldiers,
and I can prove my skill to my sister, too."
"But you'd better not worry about her."
"What ?"
"You're coming tonight, aren't you ?"

             At a party

"So he said he can't let his daughter marry
a son of the Zeon leader."Iserina....
"It's not surprising that he'd say that."
"I don't care about Zeon or the Federation. You're only Garma.
I care about you."
"Ah・・Even if I have to leave my father, I'll stay with you."
"I can't desert my father and Zion, but...
It's going to be alright. I have a good chance to obtain the Federation's secret. If I succeed, my father will listen to me."
"If he doesn't... I'll leave Zeon."

"When I capture the Federation's new weapon, I'll bring it home.
And you'll be coming with me too."

   Inside of an attack aircraft carrier Gow

"It's not good to be eager for success because of a woman.
Calm down."
"・・・ Go for it."I am composed
"Am I in rush because of Iserina ?
I AM composed."

"I do appreciate you seeing me off. I'll do so. Good luck, Garma.&am
"I'm counting on you, Char."
"May victory be yours."

                 Garma's Fate

"What happened ?"
"We were attacked from behind !"
"From behind ?!"
"It's the Horse ! The Horse is attacking from the rear !"
"Damn ! Climb ! CLIMB !"
"Impossible !"
"Turn 180 degrees about !"
"I'll crash this Gow into the Horse!!"

"Garma, are you still listening ?
You'd better curse your unfortunate birth."
"What ?! Unfortunate ?!"
"Yes, ・・unfortunate birth!"
"Char, you're a...!?"
"You've been a good friend, ・・・but it's your father's fault.
"Char ! ・・You set me up Char!!"
"Damn !!! I'm a man of the Zabi family.!
I will not die in vain !"

"What ? A Kamikaze attack ? Mirai, climb. Climb !"
"Everyone, get down !!"
Garma Zabi
        Garma Zabi

Garma's mail  Mail from Garma

I'm returning to Zeon in two months.
But I want to accomplish something before then.
I don't want to see our people laughing at me, saying that...
...I can't be promoted without my father's influence.
I'll be looking forward to seeing you then.